Arsenal is the savior of the Premier League

Fans will not want Manchester City to continue to dominate the Premier League and expect to see another club take the throne.

When Arsenal play as well as they did against Newcastle United, both in terms of class and in the irresistible way of imposing their personality on their opponents, they look like true champions.

We’re still only in February so it’s too early to say anything. However, Arsenal is still in the Premier League championship race and they are strong enough to overcome Liverpool and Manchester City. Currently, it is a three-horse race when the competitors are almost equal. Arsenal does not have championship DNA because they failed last season, but Mikel Arteta and his team are playing better football than Man City or Liverpool. Gunners crush all obstacles and do it with ease. Watch Arsenal live at

Arteta has built a formidable squad for Arsenal
Arteta has built a formidable squad for Arsenal

It has been 20 years since Arsenal last won the Premier League. That’s two long decades to test any fan. They often look fine before collapsing in the face of increased pressure. Success in the national cup has eased the feeling of failure in the Premier League, but it’s time for Arsenal to resolve that problem.

English football needs a powerful London club, needs Arsenal to win the Premier League. That’s the result every neutral must be hoping for in May. It was the best result, proof that with the right coach and philosophy, you can build a team that can beat financial superpowers like Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool. Most importantly, it’s better for the Premier League. Watch Arsenal live at Flysport.

There is no hiding the fact that a fourth consecutive Premier League title for Manchester City is unhealthy. Pep Guardiola’s team is still playing excellently, but their dominance is boring. A team facing 115 charges for financial violations in the Premier League has become too powerful. Neutral fans definitely don’t want to see them continue to take the throne.

20 years since Arsenal last won the Premier League
20 years since Arsenal last won the Premier League

It will dent the Premier League brand, the most attractive and unpredictable tournament in the world. The Premier League would then look a lot like the Bundesliga, where Bayern Munich – who are at least struggling this season – have won the title in each of the last 11 seasons. No English team of any era has won four consecutive Premier League titles. Even Liverpool of the 70s and 80s or Man Utd of the 90s and 2000s did not win domestic silverware as easily as Man City.

There will be people who expect Liverpool to win their second Premier League title with Klopp. It was a beautiful ending that ended nearly a decade of Klopp’s association with The Kop. Liverpool winning the Premier League is better than Man City’s fourth consecutive title, but Arsenal reaching the silver cup is the best result for English football in general. It’s more inspiring, more surprising and a lot more fun. Watch Arsenal live at Flysport.

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