Arsenal no longer makes fans tremble at the end of the match

The first time Arsenal attacked Burnley, the Gunners scored. In the first Burnley attack in the second half, the Gunners also ended with a goal.

Over the past week, Arsenal has scored 6 goals against West Ham United, literally “destroying” Burnley with 5 unanswered goals and this is the first time in their 138-year history that the Gunners have scored more than 5 goals in 2 matches. consecutive guests.

In last weekend’s match, Mikel Arteta’s team put an end to the home team at Turf Moor in the 47th minute after Bukayo Saka completed his own double to increase the match score to 3-0. Watch Arsenal live at

At that time, like West Ham fans in the previous match, Burnley fans also stood up to leave even though the clock had not yet passed 1 hour of play. But that was probably a wise decision by these fans because with the remaining 43 minutes of the match, their favorite team still barely played football and even had to concede more goals.

Arsenal quickly crushed Burnley
Arsenal quickly crushed Burnley

Just like in the destruction of West Ham at the London Olympic Stadium in round 24 of the Premier League, after scoring 3 goals against Burnley, Arsenal was free to play the ball freely right in the opponent’s penalty area and easily scored 2 more goals from Leandro Trossard and Kai Havertz to set the score 5-0.

Arsenal ended the match as soon as it entered the second half, a style not unlike the Gunners in previous seasons, the version where the home team at Emirates Stadium was the team with the lead but in the final minutes they lost focus. midfield, thereby helping the opponent score an equalizer or even make a successful comeback, a refrain that has probably haunted Arsenal fans for a long time.

In fact, this season, there are still many matches for Arteta’s army that test the courage of the fans. In their 2-0 win over Brighton & Hove Albion in December, Arsenal looked dominant for most of the match but gave the Seagulls a good chance to equalize at 1-1 if Pascal Gross tapped in. more delicately in the 82nd minute and it was not until Havertz scored to finish off Roberto De Zerbi’s army 5 minutes later that the fans present at Emirates Stadium were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

This season, Arsenal has had 17 victories in the Premier League but in 8 of those times, the Gunners defeated the opponent with only 1 goal difference. It wasn’t until the last two matches, when a full-back who was the third choice on the right side like Cedric Soares was brought onto the field, that showed how early Arsenal put an end to the match. Watch Arsenal live at Flysport.

Arsenal is no longer as fragile as before
Arsenal is no longer as fragile as before

After 3 consecutive defeats in all competitions during the Christmas period and the beginning of the new year, Arsenal had a streak of 5 victories in the Premier League, in which the Gunners conceded 21 times. Early victories will greatly help Arteta’s team because it will not only help the home team Emirates win all 3 points but also create conditions for the pillars to have more time to rest and save energy before entering the matches. Important match ahead.

In many other sports, when you win a match, you will have a week or even a month to rest, but football is not so easy,” said Vincent Walsh, a professor of human brain research. who interviewed with The Athletic. “There are no results of human brain research over a period of long-term pressure, but in football, reducing pressure will help players perform better.”

In the last five Premier League seasons, all league champions have had a goal-to-goal ratio after 38 matches above 50%. In the 2018/19 season, Manchester City had 62.5% of the time leading the opponent in the total playing time of the whole season, in the following season, champion Liverpool had 51.2%. In turn, Man City in the next 3 seasons all had numbers exceeding the 50% threshold.

Arsenal is experiencing 5 consecutive victories in the Premier League, the longest winning streak the Gunners have had this season. But to win the championship, the Gunners must try harder because in Man City’s five seasons winning the English throne under Pep Guardiola’s reign, the Etihad Stadium team had 18, 14, 15, 12 and 12 streaks respectively. win. Watch Arsenal live at

Arteta has helped the Gunners thrive recently
Arteta has helped the Gunners thrive recently

After Man City was held at home by Chelsea last weekend, Arsenal is the team with the highest form in the Premier League right now. In the next 5 matches, the north London club will face Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Brentford and Chelsea respectively. These are all opponents that Arsenal is rated higher than, so it will not be surprising if Arteta’s team extends the series. your sublime day.

If they want to overthrow Man City’s dominance, Arsenal needs to show the strength of a true giant.

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