Fans take their hats off to Kai Havertz

The Gunners are flourishing in the Premier League and are a real counterweight to both Man City and Liverpool.

After a disappointing evening in the Champions League, Arsenal won convincingly against Newcastle United. They scored 4 goals in the match and once again responded perfectly to the pain in Europe. Watch Arsenal live at

Previously, the Gunners’ loss to RC Lens in the Champions League group stage and their 1-0 win over Manchester City were only three days apart. It’s definitely a good habit, proving that Arsenal won’t let a crisis drag on.

Havertz is one of the best players of recent times
Havertz is one of the best players of recent times

At this time, Arsenal scored 25 goals in just the last six matches. This was seen as something lacking for much of the first half of the season, but 2024 has changed something in the London team.

On such a successful night, it was sometimes difficult to find the disappointments. Coach Mikel Arteta and his team can look at things in a very positive light and even the home team at Emirates Stadium can still improve further.

There, Kai Havertz is the difference. Every time the German gets close to goal, especially at the Emirates, the fans get really excited. Havertz is on his way to success and proving everyone wrong about him after the criticism at the beginning of the season.

The former Chelsea star’s ability to move with and without the ball was impeccable throughout the match and it was rewarded with a goal after a pass from Gabriel Martinelli.

It was an extremely calm finish. It turns out that the £65 million price that Arsenal paid for the German midfielder was not a mistake. Over time, Havertz played stably and became an important link in the team’s playing style. Watch Arsenal live at Flysport.

Havertz proves his worth
Havertz proves his worth

Not only did Havertz score 1 goal, he also had 1 assist. He also had 7 ball recoveries, equal to Declan Rice, 4 aerial duels won, 2 interceptions.

It’s clear that Havertz’s revival of form will help Arsenal fly high in the Premier League from the beginning of 2024. At first, the German international really had difficulty adapting. But now, no one blames Havertz.

More importantly, Jorginho also proved his worth. The Italian midfielder, along with Martin Odegaard, Declan Rice and Havertz, became a quality quartet, helping Arsenal control the game better and score more goals.

Despite Thomas Partey’s injury, coach Mikel Arteta seems to no longer feel a headache in midfield. Currently, Arsenal is only 1 and 2 points behind Man City and Arsenal respectively – the gap is not too big.

Arsenal right now, along with Man City and Liverpool, are the three teams with the best attack and defense in the Premier League. With what’s happening, fans can witness the most exciting Premier League “three-horse” race in many years. Watch Arsenal live at

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