Liverpool wants to support Leicester

Talking to Football Insider, journalist Pete O’Rourke said Leicester City could welcome a quality rookie from Liverpool.

As revealed by Pete O’Rourke, after bringing Fabio Carvalho back from RB Leipzig, Liverpool plans to continue loaning the midfielder with Southampton and Leicester City as two potential landing spots.

British journalist said:

Liverpool has called back Fabio Carvalho after an unsuccessful loan deal at RB Leipzig. The Kop really wants to continue loaning the 21-year-old player, helping him play regularly in the first team. Leicester duo and Southampton has shown its interest.”

Carvalho could go to Leicester
Carvalho could go to Leicester

Both clubs play attractive football, and Liverpool feel a loan deal would suit Carvalho and the team.”

I understand that Liverpool have concerns about loaning Carvalho to a Premier League team, they are worried that this player will not have the opportunity to play regularly in the first team.”

There will be no permanent option in any potential loan deal. Liverpool still have high hopes for Carvalho, and they will not rush to sell the midfielder without paying attention to his development. there.”

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