Why is Arsenal known as the ‘King of Dead Ball’?

Set pieces could be the deciding factor when Arsenal travel to the City Ground next week.

Defending dead ball situations is one of Nottingham Forest’s biggest weaknesses. On the other hand, Mikel Arteta’s Gunners are the top scoring team in the tournament from set situations.

Arsenal have been beaten in their last three away visits to Forest in all competitions and will look to take advantage of the home team’s weakness in dead ball situations. There are a number of reasons why Arsenal are so dangerous in these phases. Watch Arsenal live at Flysport.

Ability to clear space

Arsenal’s most successful corners this season have all come from planned situations where they have a player in space behind the posts. Last weekend in the match against Crystal Palace, midfielder Gabriel Magalhaes scored a double, leaving Roy Hodgson’s team confused. Gabriel lines up for the ball with Gabriel Jesus. His aim was to stay away from Chris Richards and run towards Declan Rice’s delivery.

Gabriel Magalhaes scored twice from corner kicks
Gabriel Magalhaes scored twice from corner kicks

To facilitate this, Leandro Trossard and William Saliba made runs across the penalty area to create the necessary space, and at the same time clogged the opponent’s running path, preventing Joachim Andersen from dropping back in this progress. With many players around, goalkeeper Dean Henderson was pinned against the goal.

The plan worked perfectly when Gabriel headed the ball into the net. Arsenal’s second goal was an exact replica from the opposite side, but this time Bukayo Saka took the corner. Watch Arsenal live at flysport.

There are many back-line personnel

Facing teams that don’t have many markers, Arsenal prefer to position as many people as possible at the bottom of the penalty area. The plan is for the marked players to make runs towards the penalty area, dragging the opponent with them, from which the unmarked player will be free.

Calculate reasonable time

Saliba’s goal against Burnley is a classic example of making a late run and picking up the ball at the last minute to score. The Frenchman was among the Arsenal players standing to the left of the goal, in the opposite direction of the corner, then rushed towards the woodwork as the cross was delivered to head under the crossbar. Watch Arsenal live at flysport.tv.

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