Coach Postecoglou still doesn’t really know what Tottenham needs

Tottenham just recruited Timo Werner on a 6-month loan contract, but is this what Spurs really need?

Timo Werner will be Tottenham’s first signature in the transfer market this winter as he only has a medical test left before officially becoming a member of the Rooster. However, this is considered an unwise move by the home team at Tottenham Stadium when what they need is an additional midfielder as well as a backup conductor for James Maddison.

The 1-4 loss became a turning point in the season for the North London team when, in addition to losing the top spot at that time, they also lost two pillars, Micky van de Ven and Maddison, due to injury. Besides, Cristian Romero was also suspended for 3 matches due to receiving a direct red card.

Davies Royal is not the best option at centre-back
Davies Royal is not the best option at centre-back

That caused coach Ange Postecoglou’s team to fall from the position of a team ranked top of the table and considered the most dangerous in the Premier League. At the present time, Tottenham has slipped to 5th place on the rankings, 6 points behind top team Liverpool.

Without the central defender duo of Van de Ven and Romero, the Australian strategist made confusing decisions to use people, causing the Roosters to continuously receive defeats against Wolves, Aston Villa and West Ham United.

The former Celtic captain’s mistake stemmed from the fact that he too worshiped his own philosophy and was determined not to use an experienced midfielder like Eric Dier as a replacement. Instead, Postecoglou used the Ben Davies – Emerson Royal pair for the center of the defense.

Having to play against his strengths made Emerson often appear confused and not knowing what to do, while Ben Davies could not find a common voice with his teammates.

Postecoglou was straightforward with Dier about his need for a player capable of progressing the ball and developing attacks from the back. That is something the English player cannot meet and he has accepted the current situation at the club.

Postecoglou is still quite leisurely
Postecoglou is still quite leisurely

After the 1-4 loss to Chelsea, Tottenham without Micky van de Ven – Cristian Romero has conceded 16 goals in just the last 9 matches. But it seems that the former Celtic captain still does not notice the problem in the defense as he still prioritizes bringing in Timo Werner. Even without Son Heung-min for a month, the Roosters still have no shortage of replaceable players on the attack like Kulusevski, Brennan Johnson or Bryan Gil.

The Premier League is an extremely tough tournament and the 58-year-old strategist needs to have a certain flexibility in using troops. If he determines that he does not want to continue using Dier, he should let the English player leave and find a quick replacement for the second season when Romero is also injured instead of being as leisurely as he is currently. in.

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